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Klikaklu Scavenger Hunts app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 672 ratings )
Navigation Entertainment
Developer: Coopercode LLC
Current version: 2.0.14, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 02 Jul 2013
App size: 65.21 Mb

Featured by Apple six months running!

Klikaklu is a photo hunt game that uses your phones GPS, camera, and advanced image matching technology. Its a great way to quickly create and play treasure hunts!

Share hunts privately with friends and family, or leave them in public places for others to find. Lead people to new and interesting spots. Reveal secrets and rewards when they crack your clues.

No geocaching boxes or QR codes are necessary, so you can create hunts in national parks, museums, airport terminals, doctors offices - any place you want to add an element of challenge or mystery, share as special with someone, keep the kids busy, or while away some time.

Its great for:
Orientations - show your environment to newcomers in an engaging way.
Teaching - engage your students with hands-on explorations.
Team Building - Unite your team with a fun group activity.
Families - get outside, spice up parties, make boring places adventures!
Gatherings - Bring them alive with a fun interactive activity.
Groups - host a group hike, bar crawl, or explore your city with friends and family.
Special Friends - send secret messages, share favorite places, reveal gifts.

Klikaklu is free to play, and free to host for noncommercial hunts with up to 2 players. In-app purchases provide many options for larger hunts.

Pros and cons of Klikaklu Scavenger Hunts app for iPhone and iPad

Klikaklu Scavenger Hunts app good for

As an administrator of a hunt I had a great deal of fun using Klikaklu hunt options to create clues, quizzes and award points and rewards customized to each clue. The hunters that participated have shared their fun in completing clues. Following the participants on the leaderboard keeps you connected to the hunt and keeps the spirit of competition ongoing. I highly recommend this app.
Used Klikaklu for team building for group of 14 Teams had a great time. Super easy fun challenging scavenger hunt.
Downloaded this app earlier this evening. So far its capabilities are very impressive. Cant wait to play with it more!
Works great. Now I am going to do this for my science class at our school or do some outdoors for extra credit. They just have to show or send me a picture of the last clue. I am also hoping to create some in tandem with our geocaching trips so they are easier and more fun for my kids. Please make it so the maps arent black to begin with. I imagine if you dont have it so zoomed in it would solve the problem.
I cant wait to introduce my students to this app. Im making hunts to enhance our math lessons and encourage cooperative learning.
Great app. I make treasure hunts for my kids all the time. This makes it easier and is a lot of fun.

Some bad moments

I was super excited about using this app but after installing it, even the very first step (quick demo) wouldnt load. No way Id pay $13.99 for something that doesnt work right off the bat. Its too bad because this is a cool idea.
No translation into Russian have Russian language in the description of application, but it is cheating =( Сама задумка неплохая, но русского языка нет, хоть и присутствует в описании
$10 is a little steep for a scavenger hunt app. Plus it lost my hunt that I had worked so hard on even after I had saved it.
spent many hours preparing a quiz - when playing finally, the app was totally in a mess showing the same qs repeatedly - dont spend the time
App seems to be well thought out but not advertising that this app is just a 7day trial (not even on the apps website) is being purely deceptive. Even the glowing reviews on blogs etc (probably paid for anyways) seem to mention a price point. Thanks but no thanks.
No translation into Russian have Russian language in the description of application, but it is cheating =(

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